We are all part of the Kyäni Family, which makes Kyäni the ultimate “Family Business” and family takes care of family. We are proud to announce an industry-first bonus program that is designed to help provide you with more financial security in your golden years. As govern- ments and corporations cut pensions and retirement plans, Kyäni introduces Kyäni Care! This accruing bonus will pay out in your golden years, allowing you to Experience More as you enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of hard work.

How does it work?

Kyäni will create a Kyäni Care account for you automatically, visible in your BackOffice. Kyäni products will be assigned a volume amount, called Kyäni Volume or KV, on certain products that will accrue (from your sponsor tree, based on rank) in your account over time. This KV is available for payout to you at a later date of election.* It’s that simple! Kyäni will do all the administration and tracking while you focus on building your Kyäni Business. As you do, you will be earning the Kyäni Care Bonus to be paid out in later years.


KV Accumulation Chart

*Payout Qualification and Rules

• Must have accumulated KV

• Must be 60 years of age or older

• Must be at least 5 years past your enrollment date

• Must be at least 5 years since your previous payout

• Account accumulations will begin January 1, 2014

• Earliest payout eligibility will be January 1, 2019

• Account payout will be monthly divided equally over a 60 month period

• When a distributor elects to initiate payout, the accumulated KV will convert to $USD. That value will then be divided into 60 equal payments paid over the next 5 years.

• Once you elect to receive a payout, Distributor’s new KV will start accumulating in a new payout account

Rank Rank %

Purchaser 15%

Garnet 10%

Jade 8%

Pearl 8%

Sapphire 8%

Ruby 10%

Emerald 10%

Diamond 10%

Blue Diamond 5%

Green Diamond 3%

Purple Diamond 2%

Red Diamond 1%